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Golf Course & Club Policies

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

If you do not cancel a tee time reservation 24hrs. prior to your reserved tee time, your credit card will be charged for the full number of reservations at the rate quoted.

Mountain Brook Golf Club rules and policies are designed to enhance the enjoyment of golf for all of our customers.

Dress Code

Mountain Brook Golf Club enforces a strict golf attire policy without exception. Collared shirts are required (no exceptions), golf shoes with non-metal spikes and dress, khaki, or denim pants, shorts or skirts are acceptable attire.

Pace of Play

Think of the players behind you! Pace of play is very important and slow play is the single biggest complaint golfers have today across the nation. At Mountain Brook Golf Club, we want everyone to enjoy their day at our course. We require a round to be completed within 4 hours and 20 minutes. To help ensure you will have an enjoyable game; our Starters will provide you with some very helpful tips about the course. These tips will not only speed your play but will help you score better!

The golf course design puts a premium on club selection and offers a challenge for all skill levels. Golfers can choose from multiple teeing areas allowing the course to be played as short as 5100 yards or as long as 6700 yards. Please select the tee box appropriate for your skill level. Thank you in advance for your understanding and know we want you to experience the best at Mountain Brook!

Players must maintain their position with the group ahead regardless of whether you are playing on time.

  • Please maintain half a hole distance from the group ahead
  • Play ready golf
  • Do not measure your speed by the group behind you
  • Marshalls shall enforce pace of play if you are out of position
  • If you fall behind, it is your responsibility to catch up
  • Marshalls will provide 1st warning if your group falls behind
  • If you are unable to close the gap within 2 holes, the Marshall will give you a 2nd warning
  • If you remain out of position after 4 holes, you will be moved to your appropriate position.
  • If you fall behind again after being moved to position, you will be asked to return to the Pro Shop where you will receive a rain check for the number of holes remaining in the round.